Hat Maker Teressa Foglia and Tyler Hays in Leisure Society shades on Instagram

Hat maker and influencer Teressa Foglia and Tyler Hays are spotted wearing their favorite Leisure Society sunglasses on Instagram seen here and here.  Teressa is wearing the Dryden model in 18k Rose Gold/Glacier (with 18k rose gold mirrored lenses) in both photos while Tyler is wearing the Bandini peach-tinted sunglasses in 18k Rose Gold and the Salton sunnies in 18k Rose Gold/Glacier

Teressa Foglia is a hat maker and travel lover based in southern California with multiple stores located in California (Malibu, Palm Springs, Laguna Beach, Industry City) and in NYC. She will be opening her latest store in Nashville, Tennessee, this year. 

Photos courtesy of Instagram | @teressafoglia
Dryden – 18k Rose Gold/Glacier
Bandini – 18k Rose Gold (Peach Lens)