Leisure Society Presents Winners JR Vigil and Bart McHenry for Most Sailed Award with California Inclusive Sailing

Leisure Society donates a prize annually to the sailing organization California Inclusive Sailing (CIS), and this year’s Sunglass Award for Most Sailed winners are former long-distance runner JR Vigil (middle) and husband Bart McHenry (right) seen in the photo below with CIS founder Christian Buhl (left) at Leisure Society’s office headquarter. JR is awarded with his sunglass choice, the Euclid sunglasses in Grey/12k Silver, while Bart chose the Kepler sunglasses in Champagne/18k Gold.  

California Inclusive Sailing is a Newport Beach-based organization that shares everyone’s interest in sailing with people of all abilities. The organization’s mission is to “maximize access to sail with modern technology and promote sailing as a quality of life pathway for community reconnection beyond rehabilitation.”