Inspection & Cleaning Service

Regular price $100.00 Complimentary

Like any heirloom you cherish, your Leisure Society frames need to be regularly maintained to ensure their performance and longevity.

Have your Leisure Society frames inspected and renewed with the utmost precision through our expert technicians. 

  • Inspect & Fine Tune
    • Adjust temples and nose pads to personally fit the individual's face
    • Balance and shape temples to ensure evenness and symmetry
    • Tighten any loose hinges, nose pads, and screws
    • Replace any missing or defective screws
    • Polish acetate material (if applicable) for shine and scratch removal
  • Clean & Sterilize
    • Ultrasonically clean and sterilize your frames that removes built-up dirt and grime, as well as tarnish and dullness
    • Clean frames and lens with non-alcoholic lens cleaner for pristine visual clarity

After our expert technicians have inspected and cleaned your frames, they may recommend additional services and parts replacement as needed to revitalize your frames to a good-as-new state. A complimentary Leisure Society-branded premium microfiber cleaning cloth and nesting gift box will also be provided when your frames are returned. 


*A prepaid shipping label will be provided over email when you check out with this service.